About Vanessa's Classes

Vanessa's online classes offer a very personal process that helps you identify, observe, and resolve inner conflict

Classes with Vanessa

Vanessa's Yoga classes are quite different from the more common styles of yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Bikram.  

Vanessa Strauss has over 16 years experience in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and another five years lecturing and tutoring on that topic. Additionally, she has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 14 years and pioneered Kundalini Yoga in South East Queensland back in 2006.

This experience, combined with her extensive knowledge and innate passion in Evolutionary Astrology and mythology, enables Vanessa to accurately align her classes with the celestial transits that are occurring in the cosmos.

Working on a specific archetypal theme while it is being activated in the skies enhances the opportunity for greater consciousness and healing.  

Her classes are intended to facilitate greater self-awareness and self-knowledge through practices that will help quieten your mind and shift perspectives. You will be ushered from the outer world of roles and responsibilities to the subtle inner realms where the whispers of truth can be perceived.

To put it in another way, her classes offer a very practical process that helps you identify, observe, and resolve inner conflict. It is through harmonising the opposing aspects of our psyche that we can experience peace and begin to hear the callings from our Soul.

Each class represents a Hero' s/Heroine's journey that is facilitated through:

  • archetypal mythology,
  • meditation,
  • breath-work,
  • mantra,
  • sound, and
  • direct instruction.

All of Vanessa's weekly classes are now facilitated online.   You will be walking this healing journey with the space held sacred by a Teacher who has traversed this path before you.

When sitting on the mat, you will be faced with yourself.  For many, this can be an uncomfortable experience but it is an essential part of developing self-acceptance, self-love, self-knowledge and eventually peace.

Below is a video of Dr Vanessa Strauss telling an African myth about the transformation that can happen when we dive deep into our psyche and accept our 'unapproved' aspects.  


These online classes will guide you through a meditative process to introduce you to the river within. Dive deep to meet unknown aspects and transform these relationships through compassion and loving-kindness.

Are our online classes right for you?

Vanessa's classes are for people looking to deepen their spiritual practice and self-awareness through yoga, meditation, myth and archetypes.   Students often comment that each class is like a mini-workshop as Vanessa carefully facilitates a process to create an internal shift of perception or feeling.    

"On the path to wholeness, it can feel dark and lonely at times. We must bear enough courage, positive outlook, and inner-direction to be able to traverse these plains. Upon our walk, we will heal unresolved hurts, whether from past experiences, trauma stored in our DNA from ancestors, or alternate lifetimes. In each painful event is an opportunity to finally cease that cycle of suffering for yourself and your descendants. It is here we are one step closer to embody the experience of what being human truly means."
- Dr Vanessa Strauss 

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We offer an online class membership that enables you to participate in any of Vanessa's live yoga classes. This membership also gives you access to a library of recorded classes.  You can easily catch up on the classes you have missed, or continue a practice a specific class to deepen your experience of that theme.

There is no prior experience in meditation or yoga necessary to participate in Vanessa's classes. She will adapt the instructions in each class for the level of knowledge of the student's attending.  

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