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3 Steps to Better Manage Jupiter Entering Scorpio

Rhett Strauss - Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dredging has begun! Now what?

Jupiter has now entered the sign of Scorpio which means there are now cosmic forces working to dredge any hidden and dark mistruths that we may hold.  Here are 3 steps to better manage yourself during this time.

Step 1 - Stop & Be Aware

Nothing can happen until you become aware of yourself, although, this can usually be the most challenging part.  A daily spiritual 'mindfulness' practice like breathwork, meditation, yoga, and chanting offer enormous benefits.  A consistent practice of observing yourself - primarily your thoughts, emotions, and sensations - will provide you with a more stable foundation of self-awareness during the rest of the day. 

Action Point

Commit to a daily practice of meditation for 11 minutes. Here is a short Kundalini Yoga meditation to help quiet your mind so you can reach a state of the neutral observer.

Step 2 -What is Your True Motive?

Often we do not know our actual motive/s for our behaviours and actions.  Our self-talk tends to paint our motives with the kind brush of generosity and benevolence.  Only with an honest practice of self-inquiry can you acquire the more profound truths that lay beneath the surface.

Action Point

In the evening, choose one circumstance from the day that stands out and ask yourself the question, 'Why did I act the way I did?"  After an honest answer has been written down, ask yourself if 'this answer is absolutely true.'  If there is any seed of doubt, open yourself into the doubt and begin writing what other motives may be there.  Even if you think they are a bit far-fetched, continue asking 'is this absolutely true' and go deeper down the rabbit hole.

This simple writing exercise will help direct your mind to understand the motives behind your behaviours better. 

Vibrate The Cosmos

Step 3 - Prayer of Integration

Once you have identified a hidden motive, now see this as an aspect of you that has a different perspective than your normal state of consciousness.  The idea here is to take this now known aspect of you, hold it by the hand, honour its viewpoint, and offer it back to the light through prayer.  This prayer needs to be offered from the heart with feeling so that you can viscerally sense the purpose behind your words.  Here is the prayer from the video above that we use to call home these hidden aspects of ourselves.

"We stand here with our feet upon the Earth in honour of our location in time and space. We reside here at this moment and call upon the truth of the One to be cast across this plane now.

We stand here with our intent of freedom of heart, to shine forward and bring the lost souls of ourselves, who are emerging from the darkness, to be renewed in the knowledge of the truth that is here now.  This is a defining moment as we call upon this truth to prevail through our field of thought.

We sing with the chorus of the Divine knowing so that we may guide these aberrant aspects home. This song floods our heart with a resonance of the truth that reigns upon this plane of time, at this moment, with our intent solely focused on the One."


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