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December Cosmos & Lunch

Adi-Shakti Kaur - Friday, November 24, 2017

Three days ago the Sun moved into the zodiacal sign Sagittarius, joining both Saturn and Mercury.

On this day, we decided to explore the shadow side of Sagittarius by indulging for lunch at a restaurant. Dining out is by no means a usual occurrence for us. We are quite particular about the quality of our food and very discerning about the environments we take our 2-year-old.

The restaurant we chose was called Harvest Cafe, which is located a little south of Byron Bay, Australia. We found their philosophy attractive...

"Showcasing the diversity of the wonderful local region Harvest creates fabulous fresh, local, organic food sourced from local artisan producers & the restaurants own organic gardens. Presented in a warm and friendly, chic yet casually relaxed atmosphere."

... and so we decided to book a table.

 It was nice to see they had a well-maintained semi-functional food and herb garden on display, with bees, chickens, and compost piles. We both decided to eat seafood (snapper, oysters, prawns) and it was nicely presented, fresh, and delicious.

The restaurant atmosphere was a little rowdy for Rhett & Xavary - many conversations taking place, waiter's moving around, and music playing. So we requested our food arrive quickly so we can eat, and then spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden.

We hope you enjoy this video that gives an overview of the major cosmic events for the coming month. Another video will be sent your way in a weeks time with the specifics on how you can vibrate the next cosmic alignment.

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Vanessa Strauss / Adi Shakti Kaur
A registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, and Evolutionary Astrologer.  Adi Shakti teaches Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops on the Gold Coast, Australia. She also offers private consultations in person and via Skype.  You can get in touch with her by email.

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