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Kundalini Yoga Tune-In Mantra (Adi Mantra)

Vanessa Strauss - Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Every Kundalini Yoga practice begins with two very specific mantras. The first is called the 'Adi Mantra' which Adi Shakti explains and demonstrates in the video above. This video is part of our 21-Day Challenge series that is available here for new students at Centre for Life. 

The purpose of this mantra is to open us to the divine teacher within, so that we can trust our inner guidance throughout the practice. It also connects us to all of Teachers of Kundalini Yoga, past, present, and future. We call this linage the Golden Chain of Kundalini Yoga.

Adi Mantra


The creator, the one who created you
The reverent greetings, salutations
The giver of the technology, the teacher (Gu = darkness, Ru = light that dispels darkness)
Transparent (non-physical)

The second chant to tune-in to a Kundalini Yoga practice is called the 'Mangala Charan Mantra.'  Adi Shakti explains and demonstrates this mantra here.

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