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Scorpio Season Astrology Circle

Vanessa Strauss - Thursday, October 31, 2019

Below is the discussion to begin our Astrology Circle for October 2019. The theme for this event was Scorpio, and we reviewed the Scorpionic archetypes in-depth using the myths of Persephone: Queen of the Underworld, Inanna, and Medea.
We all have Scorpio in our natal chart. However, each person has a specific influence of Scorpio based on the positions of Pluto, the Houses, and different aspects to other planets. These factors are what builds your unique story.

Introduction to Astrology (Part I)

Astrology offers us insight into our light attributes, but more importantly, gives us insight into what may be lurking in the shadows. To learn which unconscious signatures frequently play out is incredibly empowering - but only if you are ready for it. However, once you are aware, you can catch yourself and begin to choose a different path. This practice of self-awareness and self-compassion is transformational and starts with the insight that is acquired from your astrological story.


Understanding Scorpio (Part II)

 There are seven evolutionary consciousness steps in Scorpio: Spider, Scorpion, Lizard, Wolf, Snake, Eagle & Phoenix.

Part II explores these levels of conscoiusness and how Scorpio is always seeking depth, death, and rebirth.

Archetypes of Scorpio (Part III)

 In this video we are looking at the symbology, myths, and archetypes of the Underworld.


The Story of Medea: A Scorpionic Tragedy (Part IV)

 The story of Medea demonstrates the darkest side of Scorpio. Part IV explores this myth and how easy it is for each of us to 'kill our children'.


Our future Astrology Circles...

Moving forward, we are changing the structure of our monthly Astrology Circles. We intend to provide an intimate environment to explore each person's experience of their astrology concerning the current transits/themes.

In other words, this means more time to explore personal charts, ask questions and decipher how particular placements may be playing out.  To achieve this, we have decided to hold two Astrology Circles next month (Venus-Jupiter Conjunct) with a limit of 12 people per group.


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With love in our hearts,


Dr Vanessa Strauss / Adi Shakti Kaur

A registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Evolutionary Astrologer, and Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer.  Vanessa teaches Kundalini Yoga classes, facilitates workshops, and leads monthly astrology circles in Australia.  Her teachings are based on the current astrological themes and are intended to help participants heal and connect with a more authentic part of themselves.  She also offers private consultations in person and via Skype.  You can get in touch with her via email

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