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Time to Face Your Issues

Adi-Shakti Kaur - Friday, December 08, 2017

Mars the hero, warrior and alchemist moves into Scorpio (the underworld, letting go, death, transformation, sexuality, and intensity).

This transit now enables us to stand firm in the uncomfortable truths that have been buried and avoided. We can draw upon the energy of Mars to offer motivation, courage, and willpower to face these pressing issues which have previously felt too overwhelming to resolve.

Now is the time to heal deep painful trauma. Pay attention to the triggers that activate your pain body. To resolve trauma you must first be willing to look at both the pain and the trigger events. The next stage is owning your pain and observing it from a neutral ground (not good or bad).

The last stage to heal trauma is offering it a prayer for it to merge back into the unconditional love of the light. This is an act of complete surrender and humility.

We have included a pertinent meditation at the end of this video which will help you leverage this cosmological alignment.


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Vanessa Strauss / Adi Shakti Kaur
A registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, and Evolutionary Astrologer.  Adi Shakti teaches Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops on the Gold Coast, Australia. She also offers private consultations in person and via Skype.  You can get in touch with her by email.


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