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CHEK Practitioner Rhett Strauss

Rhett Strauss

“Being a CHEK Practitioner is being able to see the connections and skillfully offer a solution."
-Rhett Strauss

Rhett Strauss is a CHEK Practitioner with over 12 years of experience, based at Centre for Life in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast. His current CHEK Institute qualifications are CHEK Practitioner Level 3 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3.

As a CHEK Practitioner, his focus is to offer a holistic health solution to those experiencing chronic pain, disease, and general symptoms of deteriorating health. His clientele comes from many walks of life, however, what they all share in common is a desire to improve their wellbeing and quality of life. His approach is based on the principles taught by the CHEK Institute and draws upon further education, including Neurokinetic Therapy and Guy Voyer's 'ELDOA Method.'

Rhett’s sound reputation has been established through providing a consistent, intimate, and supportive service. He will ensure that you have the information and understanding required so you can follow a multi-disciplinary program, heal, and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life. His goal is to teach you the tools and techniques to gain a sense of self-mastery and personal fulfillment. 

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Steve Whincop

"I'm really excited about my future now and plan to be surfing a shortboard well into my retirement alongside my children. "

Lauren Porter

"Finding a practitioner with this kind of skill and belief is a rare treasure. He expects you to work hard but he also offers you a way to continually achieve, as well as balance and grow."

Alison Fullagar

"Rhett is both a great teacher and a living example of everything he teaches."


"Rhett gave me the resources and the confidence to do what's right for me."

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