CHEK Practitioner - Words from Clients

Rhett’s service is intimate, comprehensive, and focused on teaching you how to heal yourself and establish longevity in your sport, hobby, and life.

Rhett's approach has evolved tremendously over the past 15 years. He takes regular training from experts in the field, receives personal coaching from mentors, and lives his life from the very principles he teaches.

Below are some words from people who have worked with Rhett in 2016/17.

Steve Whincop

"I'm really excited about my future now and plan to be surfing a shortboard well into my retirement alongside my children. "

Lauren Porter

"Finding a practitioner with this kind of skill and belief is a rare treasure. He expects you to work hard but he also offers you a way to continually achieve, as well as balance and grow."

Alison Fullagar

"Rhett is both a great teacher and a living example of everything he teaches."


"Rhett gave me the resources and the confidence to do what's right for me."

Chris Musgrave

"The ability to develop freedom of movement and strength under the guidance of such a specialist team has been a real privilege"

Dylan Zack

"I was at a point in my life where I was really wanted some relief and progress."

James Skinner

"Rhett takes a totally different approach from the beginning..."

Roz Petterson

"‘Nothing in isolation’ - Just made so much sense and allowed for a life changing experience overall."

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