Centre for Life regularly facilitates workshops and events that cater for people of all levels of experience.  This page is dedicated to the events that are coming up in the next few months. 

The upcoming events are listed below.  If you have queries, send us an email to get in touch. 

The Lunar Eclipse Workshop

Event Date | 28-Jul-2018
The eclipse portal is the time to devote yourself to clearing ancestral karma - a psycho-spiritual energetic distortion that blocks the flow of energy and eventually results in mental, emotional, and/or physical disease. These distortions are usually a result of unhealed trauma and abuse that is encoded at the level of the DNA. Thus, the distortions are passed down through the family line until the energetic pattern is dissipated through consciousness work.

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Heart of the Mystic Class

Event Date | 25-Jun-2018
It is true there are times in our journey when we may stumble on the path toward love, when we may become disheartened by life and untrustworthy of the larger plan. It is often during these times we are in fact enduring an initiation of a spiritual kind, a growth or acceleration of the soul.

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Dark Moon Class

Event Date | 13-Jul-2018
The Dark Moon is a time to let go, release and surrender that which is not worth carrying into the next cycle. This phase of the lunation cycle is marked by the moon not being visible in the sky. 

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Stellar Nights

Event Date | 26-Aug-2018
I created Stellar Nights to bring people to a meeting point, in time and space, to embody the evolutionary message of the celestial bodies at that specific moment.

In preparation for this event, I have moved forward in time to the exact moment when this event will take place, and paid close attention to how the stars and planets will be influencing us. I have inquired deeply to understand the essential themes, opportunities, and obstacles that will occur, and how we must navigate our path to best leverage this time.

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