Centre for Life regularly facilitates workshops and events that cater for people of all levels of experience.  This page is dedicated to the events that are coming up in the next few months. 

The upcoming events are listed below.  If you have queries, send us an email to get in touch. 

Cord Cutting Workshop

Event Date | 24-Feb-2019
The Cord Cutting Workshop is an initiation process to make a conscious stance in establishing a permanent change in current and past relationships. We are not cutting people, places or things out of our lives, we are cutting unhealthy cords that exist between us.

Etheric cords vary in magnitude and can be approximated by the degree of emotionality involved in the relationship or attachment. The stronger the emotions involved, the more prominent the cord potential.

Available to both first-time and experienced students.

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Unlock Prosperity

Event Date | 07-Feb-2019
This 4 week series is designed for seekers who are motivated to:
  • Deactivate Unwanted Thought Patterns
  • Understand The Natural Laws
  • Define & Refine Your Highest Preferences
  • Establish New Prosperity Codes
  • Create Perpetual Prosperity

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