Kundalini Yoga Events

Centre for Life regularly runs workshops and events that cater for all levels of experience.  This page is dedicated to the events that are coming up in the next few months. 
We routinely hold many events throughout the year.  Here is an overview:

  • Approximately every 6-weeks we hold space for a traditional Kundalini Yoga spiritual practice.  Our famous Community Night event also occurs every 6-weeks.  
  • Twice per year we run our 21-Day Challenge, which is perfect for beginning students.  
  • Approximately four times per year we hold 2-week long Mini-Chapters that focus the Kundalini Yoga classes on a particular topic.
  • Twice per year we run our 6-week Chapter, which delves deep into a theme to explore hidden aspects of our psyche.  

The upcoming events are listed below.  If you have queries, then get in touch and send us an email. 

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