Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Your journey with Kundalini Yoga starts now.

There are many different varieties of Kundalini Yoga meditations that each have a different intent.  Kundalini Yoga uses a specific combination of techniques such as hand gestures, eye focus, breath work, and chanting; to bring about a shift in the blood chemistry, nervous system, hormonal system, cardiovascular/circulatory system, organ systems, mental attitude, and overall consciousness.

A practice of Kundalini Yoga meditation will enable you to activate the 'witness/observer' consciousness and maintain awareness of the still point within. This still point is called 'shuniya' in Kundalini Yoga philosophy.

It is the unique combinations of techniques that make Kundalini Yoga meditations so effective for people who have never been able to meditate due to an overactive mind.   

Below is the third video of our Kundalini Yoga meditation series 'Adi Shakti's Favourites.'  This meditation is specifically for Stress Relief and is perfect for those who lead busy lives and have trouble meditating.

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Kym Daniels

"I had been trying to conceive for about 3 years without any success. I feel so blessed that I started Kundalini Yoga because I truly believe that my practice and beautiful classes with Adi Shakti, very much contributed to my natural conception at 43 years old."

Julie Hayes

"I listen more and react less. I am more aware of when I project onto others, and am forgiving of myself when I do. "

Sharron Boenke

"The amazing teachers/mentors, the sacred space, the music, the movements & the meditations are a very powerful & healing combination."

Liliana Pathania

"Kundalini brings me ever closer to myself, prepares the way to face my fears, and overcome resistances"

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