Jade Waring

"On top of my new found awareness and motivation for life, I became a part of a community, somewhere I truly fit in for the first time in my life."

Growing up, I always felt like I was different from most other people. I never really felt like I fitted in anywhere and found it was easier if I just kept to myself.  I didn't share much of my own opinion. I observed everything and said very little even though this was not the true me.  I felt alone more often than not.  I knew I was hiding away from the world. I was scared to be different and desperate to fit in.

I tried to fit in with people my own age.  I pretended like I had no cares and worries and pretended to know less than what I did.  However, this just led me to a path of self destruction. I went against everything I believed as a little girl.  I was knowingly being inauthentic, but I ignored all of that because people finally wanted to hang out with me.  I was finally being included.

After years of ignoring my truth and pretending to be something I was not, I stumbled across spirituality and consciousness and I wanted to know everything about it.  At the time it felt like I was embarking on a long, confusing, scary and almost unfair path and that I was on it alone.  The more I learned, the stronger the feelings became.  When I would tell people they didn't seem to understand or care. I remember thinking 'Why me? I didn't ask for this? What am I supposed to do?'.  I couldn't control my emotions and I wanted to throw it all away and escape from it. I had read a few things about Kundalini Yoga and I knew that I would need guidance.  I needed to do something!

I found Centre for Life and I felt really drawn to it.  I figured I had nothing to lose so I went to my first class as soon as I could. I was nervous and had no idea what I was expecting, I hadn't done any yoga before and I was anxious about trying new things especially by myself, but I turned up and my life hasn't been the same since that day.

Walking through the doors for the first time I automatically felt relaxed and welcomed. My first class was challenging and we did some movements and breath work that I had never experienced before but somehow it all felt natural. I let myself go into the class and gave it everything I had, afterwards I felt whole, like I was beaming with light.  I wasn't going to stay behind after class but I was surprised by a big hug from a member of the community and everyone made me feel like home, I had instantly made new friends and I couldn't wait to come back to class.

After a few classes I could really feel the energy I was creating, on the mat and in my everyday life. I could see the beauty in everything and it was like I was finally truly a part of this Earth.  As my heart centre began to open, I noticed that everything I 'didn't like' in others I was doing myself, I noticed how everything was connected to everything else and it became easier to not make judgements about things and to accept things as they are. I recognised darkness in myself, but no longer saw it as a bad thing, instead as something to help me grow.  My reactions to outside circumstances became less dramatic, because I could see it for what it was without the minds judgements.  I started to see everything as an opportunity to learn and grow from.  I had this new drive in me where I wanted to make goals and stick to them, and everything I thought was hard became easier. On top of my new found awareness and motivation for life, I became a part of a community, somewhere I truly fit in for the first time in my life.

I have learned so much because of the teachers at Centre for Life, they are all so supportive and friendly and really help through the journey with Kundalini Yoga. They are there to talk to when you need someone and always there to have a laugh with and keep you wanting to come back again and again. My life has become a much more beautiful place because of Kundalini Yoga, I have deep gratitude for Adi Shakti and all the teachers at Centre for Life for this opportunity and all the lessons they have helped me learn. I truly feel blessed to be apart of this amazing and life changing community.

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