The Movement for Life Philosophy

CHEK Practitioner Rhett Strauss

Rhett Strauss

"Our focus is to improve the students' quality of movement, not simply the quantity."

Movement for Life is a community that are eager to explore and develop their ability to move in new ways. Each person has unique reasons for wanting to move their body better. It may be to perform more effectively in a sport (surfing, jiu-jitsu, golf), practice (yoga, meditation, dance), or life in general (walking the dog, feeling younger).

We have been inspired and tutored by innovative movement coaches like Ido Portal, Paul Chek, and Guy Voyer (ELDOA). We take a 'generalist approach' which demands that we explore many often overlooked areas of movement such as mind-body games, specific joint mobility, bodyweight strength, locomotion and infant development patterns, joint decoaptations (ELDOA), myofascial stretching, coordination, rhythm, grace, and balance. Movement for Life will provide you with the education and experience to move your body better. Apply this wisdom consistently and you will have a body that of exquisite function and longevity.

The Movement for Life mission is to inspire and empower students to move with curiosity, diversity, confidence, and grace.

Our community is open to anyone who is looking for a more integrative approach to furthering their health, fitness, and connection with their body. If you have an injury or experience pain that doesn't hinder your movement, you are ready to begin classes. If you have a chronic injury that does significantly hinder your movement, please contact us and offer some background information. We will, most likely, be able to accommodate you in class, but a rehabilitation phase may be required.
Watch the brief video below to find out more about our approach to movement, fitness, and health.

Where to from here?

Sign up below to the 'Movement Fundamentals' video series. Here you will learn an exercise, called the spinal series, which will develop your spinal mobility, intrinsic core coordination, and left/right brain hemisphere integration. By regularly practice of the spinal series, you will notice less clicking of your spinal joints, a better rotation of your head, improved bowel movements, and fewer headaches (if you experience them). Overall, this means a better quality of life.

If you wish to participate in class, send us an email to let us know which class you would like to attend and if you have any injuries. We will book you in and make sure the class is structured so that you can get the most out of it. You can view the class timetable here.

Centre for Life is Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast.  Click on our contacts page for the address and a map.

Kim Wingerei

"The variety of exercises in Movement for Life and the 'non-gym' environment is what I enjoyed the most."

Catherine Mann

"I feel at 51 years I am stronger, leaner, healthier, and more mindful of my movement than in any of the 30 years I have been training."

Kate Patch

"I feel so much stronger and more in control of my body since participating in the classes...I'm surfing better than I ever have...I feel a lot stronger in my yoga practice"

Rebecca Little

"Movement for Life is so much more than just exercise, it is about gaining and creating a better quality of life. "

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