Meet Your Teachers

"Develop confidence in your body in a safe and supportive learning culture "

Everyone holds the potential to improve their ability to move their body. However, it is the right learning environment that activates this potential.

The Movement for Life teachers are passionate about developing their personal movement ability and establishing a culture that joyfully teaches others. This culture is:

  • supportive and non-competitive,
  • open to anyone and will regress or progress exercises to meet the current ability of the student,
  • respectful of your physical, mental and emotional limits,
  • encouraging to apply mindfulness to movement with inner reflection.

The starting point for a Movement for Life class is the 'Movement Fundamentals' video series below. This series will teach you an integrative spinal exercise that you can learn in the comfort of your home. Perfect for even the most apprehensive budding student of movement.

Read about the experience of 'Our Movement Community' by clicking here.

Rhett Strauss

"Rhett has developed a meticulous approach to movement coaching with exquisite attention to detail."

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