Movement Fundamental Videos

Learn a powerful spinal exercise that will revolutionise the way you move!

We call it "The Spinal Series" and it is guaranteed to offer you two benefits: 

1. You will have better spinal joint articulation and control.
2. You'll wield enhanced fluidity on the dance floor!

To get the most out of this video series practice each of the specific movements for 50 repetitions in both directions morning and night.

It is critical that you actually participate and perform each movement for the repetitions, even if you think you can do them already. The first three videos introduce new movements, while the fourth video integrates them all together.

Video 1 - Pelvic Circles

Video 2 - Thoracic Circles

Video 3 - Shoulder Circles

Video 4 - Integration

Special Bonus Video


Steve Whincop

"I'm really excited about my future now and plan to be surfing a shortboard well into my retirement alongside my children. "

Lauren Porter

"Finding a practitioner with this kind of skill and belief is a rare treasure. He expects you to work hard but he also offers you a way to continually achieve, as well as balance and grow."

Alison Fullagar

"Rhett is both a great teacher and a living example of everything he teaches."


"Rhett gave me the resources and the confidence to do what's right for me."

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