Zita Grennan

"Once you learn how to move / exercise properly, you have it for the rest of your life."

Before starting Movement for Life, I had participated in exercise classes and received personal coaching for a long time.  However, the exercises were not suited to support my body and tailored to what I truly needed.  I knew I needed to revolutionise the way I moved as the pain that I was experiencing was severe and affecting my daily life. 

I started working with Rhett to write a corrective exercise program and coach me through lifestyle changes. The excellent results from this was the catalyst for me transitioning into the Movement for Life classes. 

Over time, my ability to move without any pain and having confidence in my body is now normal. I see so many people exercising and with my new awareness about correct movement, I can see the long-term damage that they are doing. 

The movements you learn at Movement for Life require exquisite focus.  It is not a mindless exercise class where you turn off your brain.  You need to be switched on and what you learn you take into your daily life.  Once you learn how to move / exercise properly, you have it for the rest of your life. You never forget!  And the best part, I don't need to go to a gym to train. 

My movement practice has dramatically helped my surfing.  I have so much more stability, flexibility and strength.  My previous training didn't have a carry over into the water.  Now even if I don't surf for a while, I can quickly get my rhythm and fluidity back because I have a strong foundation in place. 

If you are serious about living a life where you can actually move your body freely, with strength, flexibility and balance. If you want to learn healthy movement practices the offer you results and longevity.  If you want a movement practice that will carry over to every aspect of your life and be one of those 'young' old people; then I recommend you invest in your future and look into Movement for Life.  





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