Roz Petterson

"‘Nothing in isolation’ - Just made so much sense and allowed for a life changing experience overall."

After shoulder surgery I commenced rehabilitation with the surgeons’ recommended therapist. I was unhappy with both his technique and lack of interest.  Rhett was highly recommended by 2 previous clients, one who’d had surgery to both shoulders.  I was in some pain but determined to resume the shoulder back to full function.

I initially found it challenging to go outside the medical norms for treatment.  I didn’t have the surgeons blessing when choosing to work with Rhett.  However, it quickly became very clear to me that I was in very good hands.  His approach was holistic and I could see that I was going to get much more out of my time with Rhett than rehabilitating the shoulder.  His holistic approach was very satisfying and enlightening.  ‘Nothing in isolation’ - Just made so much sense and allowed for a life changing experience overall.

There have been so many and varied unexpected benefits from my programme.
+ My body is mostly pain free and I feel strong.
+ The Tai Chi challenge allowed me to experience such a sense of achievement and belief in myself. Click to watch Roz and her journey with Tai Chi Ruler.
+ I feel healthier which is reflected in the quality of my skin.
+ My long distance eye sight has improved which means I don't have to wear long distant glasses for driving.
+ I lost 9kg by eating more of the right foods that offered far more satisfaction.
+ My recently broken wrist has healed faster than the medical people involved can believe.
+ My husband has lost 13kg and is far healthier.  He has been able to come off some medications too.

Rhett tailor made a programme specific to my needs incorporating exercise, diet, lifestyle and some spiritual / self-development work. It was constantly monitored and altered if necessary to accommodate things that came up along the journey. 

Since I have made these changes to my lifestyle, the good word has spread in unexpected ways.  I began sharing with anyone who would listen what I call ‘Rhettisms’.  It's amazing to see how the word continues to reach out in threads to others.

Some of benefits from my experience working with Rhett.
+ The benefit to my husbands’ health has been the biggest and most wonderful outcome.
+ I have friends and family calling for food ideas and recipes.
+ I now food shop with friends at the markets. No more supermarkets!
+ My daughter has finally become serious about her health issues and is prepared to follow the necessary eating style she requires to be healthy.

If you are reading this wondering if working with Rhett is right for you, run towards the light with arms wide open – it will change you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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