Alison Fullagar

"Rhett is both a great teacher and a living example of everything he teaches."

I was initially referred to Rhett by another health professional, who was able to see that the results I was getting in response to his treatments were repeatedly being limited or overshadowed by imbalances in other areas of my life (outside his area of expertise) and that I would likely benefit from Rhett’s holistic approach. I had known this practitioner for a long time and had a lot of trust in him, so his encouragement alone was almost enough for me to know I would give this different approach a try. Once I met Rhett, I didn't need any convincing that such a program was exactly what I needed.

When I started working with Rhett, I had a few old sporting injuries (some up to 5 years old) that had never completely healed and were causing me ongoing pain. I’d experienced limited success with my body’s response to other, more conventional, treatments for these injuries. I had also been suffering from chronic fatigue on and off for over 15 years, and had not found anything (through conventional or alternative 'medicine') that provided any long term improvement.  Throughout much of this time, I had been trying to balance a professional career with training as a stand-up paddle athlete (which I eventually had to give up) and feeling generally unwell most of the time had certainly taken it's toll.

Life increasingly felt like it was working against me and stopping me from progressing towards my goals. I was constantly feeling both stressed and guilty about the impact my health was having on my work (and the amount of time I was taking off work) whilst at the same time feeling too exhausted to allow myself do anything outside of work that might help to balance the stress I was feeling.

Initially, I had thought the focus of my program would primarily be on injury rehabilitation, I understood that a holistic approach would mean addressing other parts of my overall health in order to achieve this - but I didn't expect that this would lead to a complete change in the way I view and approach life.

Upon starting my program, I quickly realised just how broad Rhett's knowledge base was, and how many different aspects of my health and life he could help with, and I’ve never since questioned my decision to start.

The benefits from the program have reached far beyond my initial expectations. I've learned to be able to switch my mind off (well some of the time - I'm still working on it!) and with this, I've been gifted space to be free from life's stresses that were constantly dragging me down. It's a long way from my initial expectations of injury rehabilitation (which I'm still working on too) but has far more reaching benefits across life in general. In particular, I've noticed a shift in the expectations I set for myself, and this has significantly reduced the stress I feel at work and in life in general. Outside of my personal progress, I think my workplace has probably seen the greatest benefit in increased productivity and my ability to handle stress at work (whilst at the same time I've been able to reduce my working hours by almost half).

It is also wonderful to have the energy to get back into some regular physical training, no longer with a focus on sports competition but this time working on new movement challenges and towards acquiring new skills that I've never performed before.

Rhett is both a great teacher and a living example of everything he teaches.  In my experience, so many health practitioners provide advice (be it on diet, lifestyle, supplements or medicine) that they would never actually follow themselves - this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and like the help they are trying to provide is unrealistic and impossible to follow.  Having someone guiding you who lives what they teach can really help you to believe that change is possible and within reach.

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