"Rhett gave me the resources and the confidence to do what's right for me."

I was feeling tired, run down and miserable, and kept getting sick with every little bug that was going around.  Basically, I was sick of being sick.  Despite many visits to GP's and other specialists over the years, none of them could help, and none seemed interested beyond a few inconclusive blood tests.  However, many of them prescribe antidepressants for my symptoms which did not sit well with me.  

I had discovered the CHEK Approach online and liked the philosophy, so I wanted to meet a practitioner.  Rhett's approach addressed the causes rather than trying to mask the symptoms.  He took a really comprehensive history from me before our first appointment, and clearly put a lot of thought into what suggestions and protocols would give me the most benefit.  With Rhett's help, I've made many small changes which have greatly improved my health; I also have a plan going forward and am more conscious of how everything from daily habits through to long-term goals can positively affect my wellbeing.

After years of strict dieting and exercise, it was a revelation to focus on nutrient-rich, natural foods, and to learn how different types of exercise could help me in my situation.  Rhett gave me the resources and the confidence to do what's right for me.  I enjoyed our coaching sessions and always went away with something to think about.

Also, Rhett is the only person who addressed my needs in the context of my role in my family.  Because of this, the positive benefits have flowed through to them, too. 

My whole family now eats better quality foods and they get involved in planning and cooking our family meals.  I'm more thoughtful about how we sustain our relationships and how we use our time.

I would definitely recommend seeing Rhett if you want to try a different approach to your health.  His broad, detailed knowledge of health and wellbeing is amazing.  

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