James Skinner

"Rhett takes a totally different approach from the beginning..."

As Managing Director of an International Investment House and a former competitive surfer I was looking for a trainer with a very high quality education and a program that was not to stressful on my mind and body. Specifically I was looking to correct my posture from years of working at a computer, improve strength and performance for surfing, longevity as I get older and general well being. I was looking for a more Holistic approach to training after using multiple cross fit/interval trainers and programs which I felt were too stressful on my body and not sustainable long term.

One of the best aspects about my program is the going back to basics and really perfecting form and fundamental movement. I was really focused on rehabbing old injuries and correcting posture. The effect on my posture has been quite outstanding and one thing I really notice is the stability I have on my feet, I feel rock solid.

Rhett takes a totally different approach from the beginning with a comprehensive dietary and historical questionnaire. After educating myself over the last 10 years I knew from the first meeting Rhett was speaking the truth and heading a direction that would assist me in my goals.

If you want to train the right way to achieve your goals in a holistic way that will not compromise you physically and mentally in the long run then Rhett is your man. 

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