CHEK Consults with Rhett

Follow-Up Program
For people who are ready to transition to phase 2 and 3 of their program after a CHEK Assessment.
$560 Upfront or $280/mth
*Upfront Payment or an Ongoing Monthly Option

During the initial assessment, you received the phase 1 program to restore your body. This option is to purchase two x 2hr follow-up consultations.
These appointments will be used to track your progress, update the movement and lifestyle program to phase 2 & 3, and problem solve any further challenges that may present.
The benefits include:
Professional Program Design - draw on my 15 years experience as a CHEK Practitioner to design your holistic program and develop specific stepping stones to get you to your goals.
Accountability - In each session we will review your accomplishments and problem-solve the challenges. You are not alone on this journey.
Goal Tracking - we will create clear goals (e.g. surfing for 1-hour pain-free) and track your progress.
Continual Support - I am accessible via email, text, and phone calls for questions and general support during this time.

This program has 2 Option:
1. Purchase two separate 2-hour consultations upfront for $560 to progress to phase 2 and 3 of the program.
2. Purchase an ongoing monthly 2-hour consultation for $280/mth for those who require further programs and support. Payment is by direct debit after the first month.
CHEK Assessment
The beginning for all new clients. A comprehensive 4 hour CHEK assessment and program to identify the cause of your pain and implement a strategy to heal.
*Upfront Payment

This is the first step in working with Rhett privately. The intention of this assessment is to gather the necessary information to identify the cause/s of your pain/symptoms and develop an effective holistic program to foster your innate healing capacity.  The program will be segmented into achievable 'stepping stones' to allow you to feel comfortable in the process of change.  By the end of this consultation you will have phase 1 of your program in hand. 

The CHEK Assessment includes:
  • A 4 hour private consultation.
  • Approximately 90 minutes to review the paperwork, plan the assessment, and gather resources prior to the consultation.
  • Corrective Exercise and Lifestyle Program Design.
  • 15 minute follow-up phone conversation a few days after the appointment.
This consultation affords us the opportunity to 'leave no stone unturned' in our endevour to resolve your pain.
After you have purchased the CHEK Assessment, I will reach out to book an appointment time.

Casual Consultation
For those needing a one-off appointment after the CHEK Assessment.
*Upfront Payment

This is a 1-hour consultation and may be used for:
  • Movement/Lifestyle program upgrades and tweaks
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Problem solving
  • Technical instruction for corrective exercises.


Have questions about consulting with Rhett? Contact him via email to get them answered.