Three Options for New Students

For those who can't make it to class and want to start a Kundalini Yoga and/or Movement for Life practice at home.


  • "Adi Shakti's Favourites" video series that will teach you four Kundalini Yoga Meditations.
  • "Movement Fundamentals" four-part video series that breaks down a mobility exercise to keep your spine young and healthy.
New Student 3 for 1*
For first time students who want a deeper experience of our classes.


  • Three classes of Kundalini Yoga and/or Movement for Life
  • A daily Kundalini Yoga video series to teach you the fundamentals
  • Email and Phone Support
  • *Only available to first-time students of Centre for Life. (Not available for student's who have participated in the 5-Class and 21-Day Challenges)
Casual Class
For those who want to dip their toe in and try one class.


  • Either 1 Kundalini Yoga or Movement for Life class

Have questions about our plans? Contact our team to get them answered.

Jade Waring

"On top of my new found awareness and motivation for life, I became a part of a community, somewhere I truly fit in for the first time in my life."

Judy Yang

"But the most priceless gift is that I feel alive again and I am happy"

Julie Hayes

"I listen more and react less. I am more aware of when I project onto others, and am forgiving of myself when I do. "

Karen Collins

"I really enjoy the welcome I receive each time I go to class; it feels like a comforting space and we are led so beautifully even though there are many different levels of fitness in the class."

Catherine Mann

"I feel at 51 years I am stronger, leaner, healthier, and more mindful of my movement than in any of the 30 years I have been training."

Kate Patch

"I feel so much stronger and more in control of my body since participating in the classes...I'm surfing better than I ever have...I feel a lot stronger in my yoga practice"

Kim Wingerei

"The variety of exercises in Movement for Life and the 'non-gym' environment is what I enjoyed the most."

Rebecca Little

"Movement for Life is so much more than just exercise, it is about gaining and creating a better quality of life. "

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