Three Options for New Students

For those who can't make it to class and want to start a Kundalini Yoga practice at home.


  • "Adi Shakti's Favourites" video series that will teach you four Kundalini Yoga Meditations.
  • No email or information necessary.
  • Start immediately.
New Student 3 for 1*
For first time students who want a deeper experience of our classes.


  • Three classes of Kundalini Yoga and/or Movement for Life
  • A daily Kundalini Yoga video series to teach you the fundamentals
  • Email and Phone Support
  • *Only available to first-time students of Centre for Life. (Not available for student's who have participated in the 5-Class and 21-Day Challenges)
Casual Class
For those who want to dip their toe in and try one class.


  • Either 1 Kundalini Yoga or Movement for Life class

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Jade Waring

"On top of my new found awareness and motivation for life, I became a part of a community, somewhere I truly fit in for the first time in my life."

Judy Yang

"But the most priceless gift is that I feel alive again and I am happy"

Julie Hayes

"I listen more and react less. I am more aware of when I project onto others, and am forgiving of myself when I do. "

Karen Collins

"I really enjoy the welcome I receive each time I go to class; it feels like a comforting space and we are led so beautifully even though there are many different levels of fitness in the class."

Catherine Mann

"I feel at 51 years I am stronger, leaner, healthier, and more mindful of my movement than in any of the 30 years I have been training."

Kate Patch

"I feel so much stronger and more in control of my body since participating in the classes...I'm surfing better than I ever have...I feel a lot stronger in my yoga practice"

Kim Wingerei

"The variety of exercises in Movement for Life and the 'non-gym' environment is what I enjoyed the most."

Rebecca Little

"Movement for Life is so much more than just exercise, it is about gaining and creating a better quality of life. "

Free Video Course: Embody Astrology with Kundalini Yoga

Learn how to embody the archetypes of the Sun, Moon, & inner planets using myth and yoga.

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