An Online Membership with Dr Vanessa Strauss

An antidote to becoming cold, bitter, and brittle.

What's In The Membership?


Monthly Content
There will be two videos posted each month outlining the thEach week we will post video content that you can access in the member's area. We intend for the weekly material to be concise and under 25 minutes. However, we are allowing 2-hours for the Sharing Our Stories live event in the fourth week.

Week 1 - The Current Astrological Themes
The first week's video is an update on the current astrological themes that are significant for the members. You might think of this as an intellectual, or left-brain, understanding of the cosmic song, archetypes and influence on us as a collective.
This video will include the necessary guidance to help you identify important transits happening in your birth chart.  Further discussion on these transits will occur in the Small Group Sessions, Group SOS Session, and private consults (Royal Star Member's only). 

Week 2 - Mythology
We will consider the cosmic song from another perspective, our right-brain! Vanessa will draw upon ancient myths, stories, & personal reflections to help you feel the current cosmic messages and awaken you to aspects previously denied.

“The business of stories is not enchantment. The business of stories is not escape. The business of stories is waking up.”
- Martin Shaw

Week 3 - Small Group Meetings
These monthly meetings are the perfect place to discuss your chart, your experiences & perspectives, reflect on other's experiences, and how you can best navigate forward through these tumultuous times. 

Week 4 - "Sharing-Our-Stories Saving-Our-Soulskins" (SOS2)
This is a live event where we share our real-life experiences, our stories, our feelings, and our hearts.  As we grow together as a group, we will unlock our voices and learn to communicate our experiences with more confidence and meaning.  We will practice listening and experience being heard (many of you for the first time).  It is through our personal sharing that we can begin to see ourselves in each other's reflections.   Think of Indra's web, when any jewel in the web is touched; all other jewel's are affected.  This metaphor speaks to the hidden interconnectedness of everything and everyone in the Universe.

Member's Forum
Our forum is the thread in the mala bead that keeps us all connected.  It is where Vanessa can keep you updated on the current transits and teach you how to leverage the cosmos for your advantage.  The forum is a real-time conversation that is happening between Vanessa and members. You can ask questions, share your experiences, be in connection with others on the path, and be energised by Vanessa's enthusiasm for the heavenly abode. 

Our forum is a communications hub that is encrypted to ensure everyone's personal information is kept secure from prying eyes.  The forum app is downloadable on any smartphone, tablet device, and computer.

Support Library (Bonuses)
Our Support Library provides you with video content to support you on your path.
It includes:
  • Embody Astrology Classes - Videos of all of Vanessa's classes from December 2019. We will continue filming Vanessa's classes in 2021 and making them available within a few days to all members. These class videos are only available to member's of The Path to You.
  • Ending Self-Abandonment Classes - A 10 class video series that will guide you into a practice of creating an internal structure so that you can stay and hold what is happening in the present moment.
  • How to Read Your Natal Chart - A video series that teaches you the fundamental aspects of your natal chart and what it means.
  • Embody Astrology with Kundalini Yoga - A guide to evolutionary alignment using myth and yoga. You will have access to all the videos in our free 5-week online course.
Private Consultations & Mentoring
Private consultations with Vanessa enables a more intimate membership that extends to individualised guidance, coaching and chart readings.  She can offer you medical advice, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and draw upon medical astrology to assist you with your health concerns. 

Monthly private consultations with Vanessa are included in the Royal Stars Membership.  This membership will enable Vanessa to become more familiar with your circumstances and assist your evolutionary growth during challenging transits. 


Living The 5 Sutras Of The Aquarian Age

 There are five principles to embrace in the Aquarian Age, which is the time we are transiting into now. This membership breathes life into these sutras and ushers them into an active practice.


"When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off"

Many people are feeling the pressure of these times right now. Whether it's financial constraints, relationship or family difficulties, a health crisis, socio-economic-environmental fears, or an uninspiring and stressful job; there is no doubt, that we are living in a time of immense pressure.

Astrological speaking, 2020 is gearing up to increase this pressure at the personal and societal levels. But with these immense pressures, we are offered a path for substantial spiritual growth. However, we must start doing the internal processing work required to enable this growth.

We officially launch the full membership program on the Aquarius New Moon of 25 January 2020. This membership will encourage you to do the necessary work to relieve the internal pressure associated with these times. Be guided to see the bigger picture and feel the community support as you step forward in the purposeful navigation of your life.


"Vibrate the cosmos. The cosmos shall clear the path"

This membership will teach you how to embody your natal chart. We use astrology as a compass to navigate through challenges and life lessons. We keep an eye on the current cosmic transits and explore their influence at the individual level in our real-time forum. We align our spiritual practices to work in harmony with the cosmic rhythms.

This is how you Vibrate the Cosmos.  


"Recognise that the other person is you"

We are One. We echo this core philosophy through our interactions in this membership. It provides the foundation for the Sharing-Our-Stories Saving-Our-Soulskins (SOS2) event. It offers us a clearer perspective in our real-time forum.


"There is a way through every block"

Sometimes our challenges seem too big to resolve, especially if we are facing it alone without higher-guidance. Many of our blocks stem from our subconscious traumas and beliefs, and it is almost impossible to find solutions when standing in the mud.

This membership is here to support you through your blocks by helping you see the concealed light.


"Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times"

As we reconcile our hurts, resolve negative ego imbalances, employ seeing the other person as you, and practice honest sharing; we heal our heart, the organ of compassion.
It is only when we truly heal that we can be compassionate to ourselves and the world around.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the people behind The Path to You?
Dr Vanessa Strauss is the facilitator of this online membership program and interpreter of the cosmic language. She delivers the meditations and group processes and answers member's questions. She is the cantadora (story-teller) and guides the group's sharing processes.

Vanessa is a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, an Evolutionary Astrologer, and Senior Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has extensive experience lecturing, facilitating workshops and classes, working one-on-one in private practice, and is a dedicated spiritual student.

Rhett Strauss is working behind the scenes to ensure the technology runs smoothly. He produces and edits the video and audio files and manages the webpages.

In a concurrent lifetime, Rhett is a holistic health coach and pain rehabilitation specialists.


What's the difference between the memberships?
The Royal Star Membership includes a 1-hour private consultation with Dr Vanessa Strauss each month. We recommend considering this membership if you are experiencing:

  • a stressful life transition,
  • a health crisis,
  • you feel you need individual support,
  • the need for a personal mentor, or
  • you require medical advice.

Can I download the video content and play it offline?
Yes, you can download the monthly content and play it without an internet connection. .

The monthly SOS2 live event is not recorded or available to download.  The intention behind this decision is to preserve the confidentiality of all participants,

Members who purchase 12 months upfront, can download all of the video content from the Support Library. This includes Vanessa's Embody Astrology Classes, Ending Self-Abandonment Classes, and How to Read Your Natal Chart Series.  


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
No. If you are unsure whether this program is right for you, we recommend that you dip your toe in and begin with a monthly membership which you can cancel at any time.

However, the benefit of the yearly membership is that you can download all of the membership Support Library for use offline and you receive a 1-hour private consultation with Vanessa (for Members who sign up before 25 January 2020).


Do you offer a refund or can I transfer a 12 month upfront purchases if I can't complete the duration due to unforeseen circumstances?
No, we do not offer refunds and you can't transfer your 12-month membership to another person.  Through many years of experience, we've found that those who do not personally pay for a personal development program, very rarely fully participate in the service.  We want to ensure that each member has gone through the research and decision making process themselves so they are willing to do the work on themselves.

Our philosophy is grounded in we are all One, and that each person is a reflection of You.  Therefore, it is important that each member is invested with a pure intent to participate and heal.


Which events are live and what time are they?
There are two monthly live events. 

Small Group Sessions - There are 3 different date/times available to choose from. The times are suited to various timezones. 

Sharing Our Stories (SOS) - The time for this event is towards the end of the month on Sunday 7 am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).


Do I have to live in Australia to fully participate?
No, all content specific to this membership is available online to all countries. Any live events that Vanessa facilitates are separate to this membership.


How much time do I need to invest to get the most out of this membership?

  • Allow 15-minute per day for your spiritual practice.
  • Weeks 1 and 2 will require a 15-25-minute video to watch.  
  • Allow about 2-hours for the Small Group Session and SOS2 during weeks 3 and 4.
  • The optimal time spent in the forum will be different for each person, but we do encourage you to check in once per week.


Is The Path to You only for Women?
Although we are mostly speaking to women in our material, this membership is open for Men to join in as well. We believe that many men would benefit from taking this feminine approach to soul embodiment.  


How do I cancel?
Monthly members need to communicate with us via a private message in the forum or via email. This needs to be at least 3 days before the next direct debit date.  


What happens to my information on the forum when I cancel?
You will have a personal channel on the forum dedicated for your sharing. That channel will be deleted when you end your membership. Information that you have contributed to other channels will remain.  


Will this course help with my medical condition?
Vanessa is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and will only give personal medical advice in private consultation which is available on the Royal Stars membership. These private consultations are confidential.

All content available in this membership 'The Path to You,' including but not limited to the forum and SOS2 event; is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be considered as such. All members must:

  • always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions they may have regarding a medical condition;
  • never delay seeking medical advice, disregard professional medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of something they have read or viewed in the membership;
  • not rely on the information in this membership as an alternative to medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare provider.


Do you offer private health insurance rebates?



Is this course just for people going through a transition?
No. This course is for anyone who has a desire to know themselves better. The Path To You is a down-to-earth approach to Soul integration with a focus upon understanding and embodying your astrological blueprint and learning to communicate your truth.

If you resonate with Vanessa as a teacher, then you will gain benefit from the membership.  



With this time, Vanessa will help you understand your Soul's next evolutionary step and see the bigger picture for 2020. You also have the opportunity to introduce your challenges to Vanessa personally before you enter the group dynamic.

This session will really 'prime your pump' so to speak, and enable you to begin the membership with a clearer understanding of your natal chart.

Since the Royal Star Members already have an hour private consultation with Vanessa in the first month, with this bonus offer for annual members, the time will be increased to 2-hours.

Standard Membership

This membership includes:

  • Monthly Video Content 
  • Small Group Session
  • Sharing-Our-Stories Saving-Our-Souls (SOS2)
  • Member's Forum
  • Support Library (Bonuses) including complete class videos
Upon signing up, you will be taken to a page to welcome you to The Path To You.  You will also receive an email giving you clear instructions to access the forum - which is live now!  Vanessa will see that you are logged in and welcome you personally.

Monthly Purchase 

You can purchase the Standard Membership with an ongoing monthly direct debit of $179.  You can cancel the membership anytime by contacting us at least 3 days before the next billing date.  The first months billing date will be when you register.  




Annual Purchase

Purchase 1 year upfront and receive:

  • A saving equivalent to one month free ($179)
  • The ability to download the Support Library to your device and play the videos offline.





Royal Star Membership

Are you ready to dive deep to the bottom of the river and meet the old women with the sores?  The Black Nubian Women contended with her own less-desirable nature.  If you are willing to confront your less-desirable nature and receive the treasures, the Royal Star Membership is for you.

This membership includes everything in the Standard Membership plus:

  • A 1-hour private consultation with Vanessa each month.  The benefits of this membership extend beyond the 1-hour private consultation because this time together enables Vanessa to become familiar with your personal story and your chart; allowing her to be more aware of your journey forth.

Monthly Purchase

You can purchase the Royal Star Membership with an ongoing monthly direct debit of $309. You can cancel the membership anytime by contacting us at least 3 days before the next billing date.  



Annual Purchase

Purchase 1 year upfront and receive:

  • A saving equivalent to one month free ($309)
  • The ability to download the Support Library to your device and play the videos offline.