Consult with Vanessa Strauss

"We will look to where your Soul is asking you to grow."

During your first private 2-hour consultation, my primary intention is to help you identify the next step required for your Soul’s evolution, and then to offer you a strategy to embody that.

Let me give you an example.

I consulted with a middle-aged woman who was experiencing a crisis around relationships, and this was now directly impacting her health. Before we met, I spent some time reflecting on her chart. Her Soul story was suggesting that she was submissive and domesticated in prior evolutionary cycles. Patterns of behaviour deep within our subconscious generally take control when we are not acutely present in the moment. For this women, her default pattern was to ‘please the other person’, regardless of the type of relationship.

Keeping this in mind during our time together, I invited her to communicate her experiences of being in intimate relationships. I listened to her intently and gently encouraged her to expand on details which I didn’t quite understand. I wanted to get a sense of her feeling-experience in my own body so that I can better help her navigate her inner landscape, and as a result, her external relationships.

After listening to her, and knowing her evolutionary astrology, I could see it was the right step in her Soul’s journey to learn to hold her integrity in relationships. To help embody this idea, I told her a particular version of the myth of Hades and Persephone.

The key theme in this myth is that even though Persephone was kidnapped and taken to the underworld by Hades to be his wife, she ended up liking it there because Hades wanted ‘an equal’ to stand next to him - not a submissive or dominant wife. In the ordinary world, Persephone had an overprotective Mother, and in contrast, this relationship with Hades allowed her to experience self-respect, self-honesty, and integrity.

I was then able to communicate to this middle-aged women that, “from this point forward, every person standing in front of you is Hades; and he is calling you to rule over your ‘inner-world’. Sometimes he might challenge you, and you will have to dig deep to maintain your uprightness and self-respect. But that is where your work is right now.”

From this point in our consultation, she was open to being guided through a process to cut any energetic cords lingering from past codependent relationships. I wanted to offer her a clean slate to begin her new evolutionary phase. She left feeling empowered and focused. Her journey into this new state of consciousness is only the beginning. There will be many more challenges that present on the road ahead. However, she is no longer feeling victimised by her circumstances and in a state of disarray. She has clarity and focus on the task ahead and can begin to recognise, respect and uphold her needs in relationships.

This example demonstrated how I applied astrology as an evolutionary map to better understand where she was blocked, and the first step required to move forward. In my consultations, the tool of astrology is the foundation from which we begin. From this point, every session takes a different form because every person has unique requirements for their Soul’s evolution. 


If you are interested in an Astrological consultation, you can book via this link. Our first meeting is a 2-hour consultation at a rate of $300. This fee includes the time I take reviewing your chart and preparing for our session.   I can facilitate these appointments in person, phone or via Skype/Zoom.

It is essential that I receive accurate birth information - location, date and time. If you do not know what time you were born, I can work around this with a more comprehensive inquiry.

You may email me directly if you have any questions about a consultation.

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