What is a CHEK Practitioner?

“A CHEK Practitioner solves complex chronic health and pain problems."
- Rhett Strauss

A CHEK Practitioner is a health professional who has engaged in training with the CHEK Institute in California, USA. Paul Chek, the founder of the CHEK Institute, is a Holistic Health Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in working closely with people suffering significant chronic symptoms and failed to receive benefit from conventional approaches.

Paul Chek’s fervour to study a multitude of health-related and spiritual disciplines, as well as his precise practical application towards himself and his clientele, have resulted in a comprehensive, holistic health education that is open to anyone in the health and exercise fields.

The CHEK Institute’s mission is "to empower people with the foundation principles that are essential for optimal health, performance and a successful life of wellbeing".

Paul Chek teaches his students to solve complex health and pain problems by applying a holistic model. His approach includes a plethora of tools and techniques to assess the personal, professional, physical, emotional, and mental reality of each individual. An essential quality of a CHEK Practitioner is they 'walk their talk' and be a 'living example of what they teach.'

A CHEK Practitioner is taught to identify what is essential to achieve and experience healing, health, longevity, and improved performance. Through problem solving and strategic planning, a carefully-designed exercise and lifestyle program is taught to the client and implemented into their way of life.

If you have further questions about what a CHEK Practitioner does, go to the contacts page and send us a message.

Steve Whincop

"I'm really excited about my future now and plan to be surfing a shortboard well into my retirement alongside my children. "

Lauren Porter

"Finding a practitioner with this kind of skill and belief is a rare treasure. He expects you to work hard but he also offers you a way to continually achieve, as well as balance and grow."

Alison Fullagar

"Rhett is both a great teacher and a living example of everything he teaches."


"Rhett gave me the resources and the confidence to do what's right for me."

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