What is Kundalini Yoga

Our classes offer a very personal process that helps you identify, observe, and resolve inner conflict

Kundalini Yoga Classes at Centre for Life

Our Kundalini Yoga classes at Centre for Life are quite different from the more common styles of yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga, and Bikram. For that matter, our Kundalini Yoga classes are quite different from most Kundalini Yoga classes!

Our senior Teacher, Vanessa Strauss / Adi Shakti, has over 15 years experience in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and another five years lecturing and tutoring on that topic. Additionally, she has been teaching Kundalini yoga for 14 years and pioneered Kundalini Yoga in South East Queensland back in 2006. For the last ten years, she has been serving as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer for Ramadasa Australia.

This experience, combined with her extensive knowledge and innate passion in Evolutionary Astrology and mythology, enables Vanessa to accurately align her Kundalini Yoga classes with the celestial transits that are occurring in the cosmos.

By aligning our self-development practices to harmonise with the current cosmic alignments, the effects are amplified.

Our Kundalini Yoga classes are intended to facilitate your path to greater self-awareness and self-knowledge through practices that will help you quieten your mind. You will be ushered from the outer world of roles and responsibilities to the subtle inner realms where the whispers of your truth can be perceived.

To put it in another way, our classes offer a very practical process that helps you identify, observe, and resolve inner conflict. It is through harmonising the opposing aspects of our psyche that we can experience peace and begin to hear the callings from our Soul.

Each class represents a Hero' s/Heroine's journey that is facilitated through:

  • archetypal mythology,
  • Kundalini Yoga meditation,
  • breath-work,
  • mantra,
  • sound, and
  • direct instruction.

Although this is a class environment, your personal space is contained to your mat. There isn't any interaction with other participants during the class. You will be walking this healing journey in solitude, together, with the space held sacred by the Teacher's who have traversed this path before you.

When sitting on the mat, you will be faced with yourself. For many, this can be an uncomfortable experience but it is an essential part of developing self-acceptance, self-love, self-knowledge and eventually peace.

Below is a video of Dr Vanessa Strauss telling an African myth about the transformation that can happen when we dive deep into our psyche and accept our 'unapproved' aspects of our psyche.  


Our Kundalini Yoga classes will guide you through a meditative process to introduce you to the river within. Dive deep to meet unknown aspects and transform these relationships through compassion and loving-kindness.

Are our classes right for you?

Our classes are for anyone willing to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and have an interest in spiritual growth.  No prior experience in meditation or yoga is necessary to participate in our Kundalini Yoga classes. 


"On the path to wholeness, it can feel dark and lonely at times. We must bear enough courage, positive outlook, and inner-direction to be able to traverse these plains. Upon our walk, we will heal unresolved hurts, whether from past experiences, trauma stored in our DNA from ancestors, or alternate lifetimes. In each painful event is an opportunity to finally cease that cycle of suffering for yourself and your descendants. It is here we are one step closer to embody the experience of unconditional love."
- Dr Vanessa Strauss 

A Typical Kundalini Yoga Class

The practice of Kundalini Yoga is quite different compared to most known forms of yoga in Australia. Every class is different and is intended to work on a specific aspect of the physical, mental, or emotional body. However, at the heart of Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual focus which will turn you inwards to connect with divinity.

Kundalini Yoga Class on the Gold Coast


Therefore, the majority of a Kundalini Yoga class is practiced with eyes closed. By drawing the senses inwards, each student is directed to connect with themselves, and distractions in the room are minimised.

Every class is different; however, we usually begin with warm-up postures and then perform a meditative process that is aligned to the current astrology.  There may be a period of breathwork, chanting, sound healing, and relaxation.

At Centre for Life, we offer tea after each class to assist bringing students back into their body, and it provides the space for the community to connect and share.

What to Bring to Your First Class

All of our classes are suitable for first-time students and people with physical injuries and limitations. We also provide a safe and supportive environment for the seasoned practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers are well-versed in the technical aspects of Kundalini Yoga, and hold space for a thriving Kundalini Yoga community.

Although it is common to wear white when practicing Kundalini Yoga, this is not required. However, it is important to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely. Some students choose to wear a head cover for the purpose of containing the kundalini as it moves up the spine. Centre for Life provides yoga mats and cushions, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Since there are no two classes that are alike, we recommend beginners participate in a minimum of three classes to have an accurate experience of this style of yoga. To accommodate this, we offer first-time students 3 classes for the price of 1 which can be purchased here.

Please note that you must book your place to participate in a Kundalini Yoga class.  

If you are a first-time student you can purchase classes here and email us here to book into your first class.  Remember to arrive 10 minutes early so that you can sign-in, be orientated to the space, and meet your Teacher.

What is Kundalini?

The term 'kundalini' is a Sanskrit word for 'primal energy' located at the base of the spine. Through a committed spiritual practice, the kundalini can be awakened and travel up through the body which cleanses and purifies the glandular system, nervous system, and energy centres. The kundalini can move to the top of the head (Sahasrara Chakra) to expand consciousness and achieve enlightenment.

A kundalini awakening experience will often produce heightened states of awareness, feelings of ecstasy and an experience of Oneness.

In Kundalini Yoga, we aim to arouse this energy in a safe and controlled manner. We use techniques to strengthen the physical body, nerves, glands and the mind. The kundalini is a powerful energy, and the body and mind must be conditioned to accommodate its movement.

It is possible for people who do not engage in spiritual practice, and who would not consider themselves as 'spiritual,' to have a kundalini awakening. However, this can be spontaneous and without a known cause, or result from an intense emotional or physical trauma. Often, the symptoms of a kundalini awakening are seen as negative and very disruptive to normal life. A negative experience of the kundalini energy is much more likely in people who consume toxic foods and substances and have not developed the skills of self-reflection, self-acceptance, self-correction and meditation.

With a consistent practice of Kundalini Yoga, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, it is possible to awaken the kundalini energy safely so that it can be integrated comfortably. As the kundalini energy rises, opportunities for growth will continually be presented. A supportive community who are walking the same path and can empathise with the vicissitudes of rising kundalini is essential for a smooth transition of consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga uses a variety of tools to begin to arouse the kundalini energy. These tools include:

  • Physical postures (kriya)
  • Breath work (pranayama)
  • Hand gestures (mudra)
  • Vibration (mantra)
  • Relaxation (Savasana)
  • Meditation (Samadhi)

All of these techniques impact the kundalini in particular ways, and a practice that includes them all can be very transformative.

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Through a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga, you can expect to experience the benefits of increased self-awareness, better vitality and energy, a calmer mind, more stable emotions, deep healing and a significantly enhanced connection to spirit.

Kundalini Yoga is called the ‘yoga of awareness’ and will help you develop the courage, calibre, and grit to look at yourself. This style of yoga is not about changing ‘what’s out there’ to bring about happiness. The practice continually affords you the opportunity to see yourself different and evolve consciously.

If you would like to try a Kundalini Yoga meditation and kriya in the privacy of your home, sign-up to our favourite Kundalini Yoga meditations below, or go here and see what's on offer for new students. Our classes are held in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast.  Go to our contacts page for the address and a map. If you are interested in attending a class, here is our class times.

Jade Waring

"On top of my new found awareness and motivation for life, I became a part of a community, somewhere I truly fit in for the first time in my life."

Judy Yang

"But the most priceless gift is that I feel alive again and I am happy"

Julie Hayes

"I listen more and react less. I am more aware of when I project onto others, and am forgiving of myself when I do. "

Karen Collins

"I really enjoy the welcome I receive each time I go to class; it feels like a comforting space and we are led so beautifully even though there are many different levels of fitness in the class."

Karen Davis

"I travel one hour each direction to attend a Kundalini Yoga class at Centre for Life. I have been doing every week for many years now as it enriches my soul."

Kym Daniels

"I had been trying to conceive for about 3 years without any success. I feel so blessed that I started Kundalini Yoga because I truly believe that my practice and beautiful classes with Adi Shakti, very much contributed to my natural conception at 43 years old."

Liliana Pathania

"Kundalini brings me ever closer to myself, prepares the way to face my fears, and overcome resistances"

Sharron Boenke

"The amazing teachers/mentors, the sacred space, the music, the movements & the meditations are a very powerful & healing combination."

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